Executive Committee

Board Members

Daryll Lowry

Carrie Fischer

Carrie Stewart

bantamfoothillseagles at gmail.com

Responsible to attend all meetings of the society and of the Board, and to keep accurate minutes of the same. 

Missy Henderson

Director, General Manager of Teams
foothillseaglesgm at gmail.com

Support the general organization and administration of the Foothills Eagles Football Teams by facilitating continuity, transition, consistency and accountability of each of the Atom, Peewee and Bantam teams. 

Tracey Deplaedt

foothillseaglestreasurer at gmail.com

Shall receive all monies paid to the society and be responsible for the deposit of same. Supervise the spending of monies, maintain and administer approval for expenditures. Properly account for the funds of the society and keep such books as may be directed. 

Chris Giesbrecht

Director, Marketing
chris.giesbrecht at shaw.ca

Responsible for all aspects of external communications and promotion of the organization and the teams to facilitate player recruitment, seasonal registration activities and team promotion 

Jason Danard

Director, Fundraising & Sponsorship
jasondanard at hotmail.com

Accountable for raising short and long term funds for GOFA by spearheading fundraising events or activities as well as soliciting major and minor sponsors for the organization. 

Nathan St. Dennis

Director, Coaching
FCHS Falcons Head Coach
stdennisn at fsd38.ab.ca

Charged with ensuring that all initiatives related to coaching are coordinated and implemented in an effective and timely manner.

Neal Schellenberg

Director of Equipment
nealschellenberg at gmail.com

Charged with overall management of the assets owned by GOFA and is responsible for overall management of the equipment assets associated with the CPFA and CBFA. 

Jenn Seinen

Director, Fields & Facilities
fieldandfacilities at gmail.com

Responsible to coordinate field schedules and field bookings as needed. 

John Price

Board Member at Large
jpricefootball at gmail.com

Support the Board’s activities and be available to run for future open positions and lead or actively participate on committees. 

Josh Briscoe

Board Member at Large
Recruiting Coordinator
briscoe1313 at gmail.com

Support the Board’s activities and be available to run for future open positions and lead or actively participate on committees.

Responsible for annual recruiting activities to promote the Foothills Eagles Football program to ensure enough players register for the fall season. Works closely with the Director, Marketing and Director, General Manager of Teams to develop appropriate promotions and advertising.

Jennifer Morey

Social Media Coordinator
jpeddle76 at hotmail.com

Responsible for all aspects of the organization’s social media platforms and activities, and is accountable to ensure all social media communications are aligned with Foothills Eagles Football program objectives and policies. Operating under the direction of the Director, Marketing.

Tim Henderson

Lance Kelly

PeeWee Head Coach
lance.r.kelly at gmail.com

Jayson Krause

Atom Head Coach
jaysonkrause at me.com

Matt Hassett

HTA Knights Head Coach
mhassett at redeemer.ab.ca

Bryan Brandford

Highwood Mustangs Head Coach
brandfordb at fsd38.ab.ca

2021 Atom Contacts

Jayson Krause

Atom Head Coach
jaysonkrause at me.com

Eryn Neilson

Jenn Seinen

2021 PeeWee Contacts

Lance Kelly

Jen Scott

2021 Bantam Contacts

Tim Henderson

Carrie Stewart